So Who Adapts?

Please keep this point in mind: Asking a Westerner to behave in a more Confucian manner requires that the Westerner, for example, develop a bit more decorum and restraint.

Bad Behavior

But asking a Confucian to behave in a more Western manner is to ask them to behave, in many cases, in ways that they have been taught are deeply offensive and, frankly, taboo. It is simply much more difficult for a Confucian to adopt Western manners than the converse.

In any event, it is certainly more straightforward to adjust one’s own approach than to seek to adjust the approach of others.

That said, corporate culture change, while being a VERY significant undertaking, IS possible with some cases being true standouts – Korean Airlines, formerly one of the world’s most dangerous airlines is now among the safest due in large to a thorough corporate culture change initiative led by the CEO.

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