Establishing Guanxi

The following elements are very important for establishing good guanxi.

Firstly, Keeping Our Word

Keeping our word means being honest and acting always in good faith as well as being responsible and trustworthy, which is the principle of conducting ourselves and shows our “personality charm” – all people want to deal with those keeping their word.

Secondly, Establishing Our Value and Transferring Value to Others

The “value” herein means our “use value” more properly. Before checking our guanxi, we should ask ourselves calmly whether we are useful for others. If others cannot use us, it means we have no value at all. The more we are useful, the moreeasily we can establish guanxi.

Few can establish genuine guanxi with those who have significantly different social status. Accordingly, even if we are lucky enough to link with a higher-level executive through a weak connection, the executive may not be interested in us at all. One should correctly position oneself to make friends based on one’s value rather than try to make friends with all. Our value-based positioning depends on our ability and target at each stage.

After we have established our value, we may see that our friends around also have their own value. Why not link them to transfer more value? If we are just one terminal to receive or send information, we may generate limited value from our guanxi network; but if we become a hub for exchanging information and value, our friends are happy to interact with us, and we may bring about more opportunities all around, thus consolidating and expanding our guanxi.

Thirdly, Readiness to Share with Others

Those ready to share with others – whether information, money or job opportunities tend to generate more opportunities.

Fourthly, Increasing Our Exposure Channels

We can increase our exposure through attending training classes or workshops, joining association and clubs, dinner engagements, and so on.

Discussion will usually be of a more personal nature, leaving business issues for the office and using the time to establish personal relationships that may then be leveraged at a future time for business objectives.

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